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Technology Industries

  • - As an external provider of sales support and services for sector-specific communication, ALBA services creates customer profiles, optimizes leads, coordinates test drives and thus raises your sales rate significantly. If potential customers are interested in information or taking a test drive, the showroom or manufacturer notes their details, makes an appointment and keeps in touch. With a partner concept whereby potential leads are contacted several times a year, ALBA services cleans up your external address database, considerably improving the number of leads. This leaves your staff with more time for active sales.

  • - ALBA understands the maturing profile of today’s Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) industry and provides contact center outsourcing solutions that empathize with end users while meeting fiscal business objectives.

  • - Telecommunication market growth very fast in very hard competitive market , ALBA provide very high level support for communication companies customer for sales and after sales .

  • - Large companies in the various healthcare sectors have turned to outsourcing in the past to align customer support operations with customer demand. In an increasingly competitive market, customer interaction is the most tangible differentiator of companies.

  • - Price pressures, multifunctionality and internationalization are making new demands on sales and customer service departments. A multilingual full service is required: with first-level support for all incoming and outgoing channels, complex back-office tasks and document management, or high-volume printing and letter shop work, ALBA services attracts customers with the help of our experienced, professionally trained staff and provides them with comprehensive support by telephone, e-mail and fax or from the technical field service. By taking on commercial services – right down to online credit scoring for web shop customers – ALBA services also minimizes the number of non-payments.